David for Daman Magazine!


A couple of months ago David was featured in Daman Magazine, recently I found some high quality pictures from the photoshoot that I’d like to share with y’all! You might have seen most of them but probably not in high quality :) Enjoy!


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Photoshoot UPDATE!

So I promised the followers on twitter that I would give them a real treat today, here it goes!
In 2010 I uploaded a crazy popular photoshoot with David that spread through the fanbase like fire. Now I’m happy to announce that ¬†I’ve got a hold of a crazy total of 101 new pics from that photoshoot! I’d also like to thank Renee over at Chris-Colfer.com for contributing :) .

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New Photoshoot!

DB fans you’re in for a treat! A while ago David was featured in Philadelphia Style, he did an awsome shoot for the mag and since then I’ve been waiting to find the pics. I finally did so I just updated the gallery with 23 HQ and MQ pics from the photoshoot!

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Fox Fresh 2010/11 Photoshoot

The new FOX Fresh photos are out! Take a look at the HQ version of the photo in the gallery!

+Larger Image

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Fox Upfront Portraits

Photocall from this year’s Fox Upfront event! I’ve added 7 great high quality¬†portraits of David & Emily, enjoy!


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New Shoot

I’ve added a completely new shoot¬†in the gallery!
Unfortunately the pictures are not HQ but they’re still so great I had to add them anyway :) .


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